We Still Live On

Bart’s Latest Album recorded with The Grand Organ at The Melbourne Town Hall

We Still Live On

“We Still Live On” was recorded over three twilight sessions on The Melbourne Town Hall Grand Organ, eight tracks composed and performed by Bart Willoughby on the Pipe Organ, drum, some lead vocals, an array of old and new songs with a stellar line up of guests.

Deline Briscoe breaths new life to the rhythmic verses of Kevin Gilbert Poems as well as to Willoughby’s own precise lyrical phrasings .Trees a richly textured sound is enriched by the accomplished harmonizing of long time collaborators Marcia Howard and Rose Bygrave. The Letter a haunting melody overlayed by William Barton’s definitive drone on the Didgeridoo “We Have Survived Too” Tommy Lewis, coupled seamlessly with Emma Donavan whilst, Indigenous freestyler Robbie Thorpe adds an unexpected dimension.

Almost 35 years on this extended organ version of Willoughby’s signature anthem builds on the songs legacy. A musical Legacy Willoughby skirts around in Jack. Willoughby returned to early influences inviting Pedro Butler from Us Mob to guest on guitar and a collaborative tribute to Aunty Leila Rankin, founder of CASAM. Paul Coyle the albums producer, can heard through-out the album on Trumpet, Anita Hustas on Bass and Phil Bywater on Saxaphone. A rare opportunity to access to The Melbourne Town Hall Grand Organ has been availed to its fullest the story that is “We Still Live On”.

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Proud – The Bart Willoughby Band's First Studio Album

Proud – The Bart Willoughby Band’s First Studio Album


The much anticipated release of The Bart Willoughby Band first Album Proud, in 2013 saw Bart is backed – Selwyn Burns on lead, TJmba and Natji Possum   Burns on Bass, Airi Ingram producer and drummer. Along with the impeccable Harmonies of Deline Briscoe a Emma Donavan and a three piece horn section comprising of Phil By water on Saxophone Paul Coyle on Trumpet and Mal Webb on Trombone. Special Guests on the Album are Kurdish Saz player Fadil Suna, Anita Hustas on Double Bass, Benny Wenda from, West Papua and Shane Howard.

The album is an epic ride through various musical genres from reggae to heavy rock to a fusion of middle-eastern and traditional aboriginal chanting and spoken word. Each of the 9 tracks is vastly different, resonating with Willoughby’s unique sense of allowing space within his musical compositions. There is something for everyone a beautiful effigy to ‘Sisters’ the uplifting, Don’t Get Down, the love song One, the slightly political Proud the defiant Rock against Racism, the hip dedication to Jamaican reggae Aboriginal Reggae the tribute to Indigenous poet Kevin Gilbert, Unity, both topped off by the thrashing verging on heavy metal instrumental echoing the sound of a whale moving through the ocean. The album ends with a simple yet splendid one-drop track melded with Middle Eastern Saz chanting for the freedom of humanity.



Limited release The Bart Willoughby Band Live Recording

Limited release The Bart Willoughby Band Live Recording

Rock Against Racism

Rock Against Racism, released to promote the first single from the forthcoming Proud Album, with an additional two tracks recorded at Melbourne festivals with. The Bart Willoughby band at its finest -live along with a bonus track from their M.C.G. Dreamtime at The G Performance.